Innovation Never Ends--The first Innovation Day in SVW

The first Logistics Innovation Day of SAIC Volkswagen was successfully held in Shanghai Intelligent Logistics Laboratory on September 25, 2019. Ningbo Sunny Baer Automation Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition.


Address from Mr. Fred Schulze


Address from Mr. Matthias Braun

At the exhibition, Mr. Fred Schulze £¨Executive Vice President of Production and Product Management of SAIC Volkswagen£©and Mr. Matthias Braun (Head of Inbound Logistics of Volkswagen Group) delivered speeches respectively, announcing the begin of the Innovation Day and welcomed the suppliers.

The Logistics Innovation Day was held to promote logistics innovation. A total of 26 suppliers participated in the exhibition, displayed different logistics products. No matter it is hardware or software, the purpose is to facilitate logistics.

Logistics innovation refers to the comprehensive transformation and promotion of business flow, logistics flow, capital flow and information flow in the traditional logistics pattern in the process of industrialization driven by information technology in the real economy, relying on advanced theories, thinking methods, management methods and scientific and technological means, in order to improve the efficiency of logistics, and maximize the economic efficiency and social effects of the enterprise comprehensively, systematically and substantially.


Other suppliers¡¯visits


Internal staff visits

In addition to the VIP customers of SAIC Volkswagen, more visitors are employees of Volkswagen. They were very interested in the AGV exhibited by our company. Through live demonstrations and videos, they had a well understanding of the AGVfunctions.

At this exhibition, Sunny Baer exhibited the following AGV:


Mode of driving: omnidirectional drive 

Navigation: optical tracking

Load handling device: lurking traction

Goods to be conveyed/weight: pallet/800Kg

Communication:W-LAN Profinet

AGV dimension: 1680x600x250mm (LxWxH)

Empty weight: 350Kg

Additional: positioning accuracy of ¡À3mm, Boostcap (main)£¬small  lead acid battery or lithium battery (alternate). 


Summary of Innovation Day

This is the first time that Volkswagen has held an Innovation Day exhibition in China, and it has been held for thirteen years in Germany. The end of the exhibition does not mean the end of innovation. Innovation is endless. We hope to witness the growing scale of innovation day, and meanwhile wewill go hand in hand, continue to make innovations, endlessly.