Meet • NSBA • Machine summit

The sixth ΅°China robotop and intelligence economic talents summit΅± was held in yuyao, ningbo, zhejiang province, in 2019. The theme of this year's summit is "Robot connections Empower everything". We will continue to promote the "deep integration" of robots with intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence, and advance the "robot+" initiative to enable all industries and the general public to enjoy more beautiful lives brought about by the intelligent economy.

The China robotics summit is supported by the experts of the national high-tech research and development program (863 program) on robotics, including more than 800 top experts, scholars and entrepreneurs domestic and abroad. Summit included various activities, such as: academic conferences, professional technology seminars, industry seminars, supply and demand docking, exhibition, professional talent recruitment, etc., it is the most influential robot related activities in China.


Ningbo Sunny Bär Automation Co., Ltd., as the integrator supplier of the sixth China robot summit, is honored to participate in the exhibition.


   Ningbo Sunny Bär Automation Co., Ltd., is a Sino-German joint venture. Based on more than 40 years mature automation technology of Bär Automation GmbH, NSBA is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of AGVs. The AGV which were displayed in this exhibition are used for the assembly line of new energy automobile batteries and the in-factory logistics transportation of automobile interior trim. We΅―re using the color band navigation technology, and the high precision deviation value can be read by the camera to ensure the navigation accuracy around 5mm. Siemens PLC is used to ensure the stability of the on-board distributed control system, and it can be easily connected to the MES system of many factories. At the same time, the dual power supply energy management system is applied to realize the plant's 24 hours uninterrupted operation.


   Zheng Shanjie, member of the standing committee of zhejiang provincial committee of the communist party of China, secretary of ningbo municipal committee of the communist party of China, and gao xingfu, vice governor of zhejiang province, visited the summit site and gave precious advice to NSBA . At the same time, NSBA also attracted many media to stop by and report.



NSBA is looking forward to cooperate with you!