NSBA’s Debut in China Robotop Summit

May 10, 2018,The 5th China Robotop and Intelligent Economic Talents Summit with the theme of "the unity of knowledge and action,the fusion of AI and robot" grandly opened in Ningbo Yuyao. The China Robotop and Intelligent Economic Talents Summit is the largest and most influential robot conference in China. NSBA as the integrator of the 100 robot systems of The China Robotop and Intelligent Economic Talents Summit, was invited to participate in the exhibition.



Ningbo Sunny Bär Automation Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture. It Relies on Bär Automation GmbH Industry for more than 40 years’Mature technology. The company's main business is AGV. The AGV displayed this time is used for the new energy car battery assembly line. The use of ribbon navigation technology, through the camera to detect the ribbon directly to read the high-precision deviation to ensure navigation accuracy ± 5mm. Car-mounted distributed control system selects SIEMENS PLC for stability and can easily access the factory MES system. Using camera tracking technology to ensure synchronization accuracy within ±10mm and ensure the synchronization of AGV and car production line .AGV applies dual power supply energy management system at the same time.It can achieve the factory 24 hours uninterrupted operation.


Gao Xingfu,governor of Zhejiang Province,and Zheng Shanjie, member of the Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, visited the site of the summit and give valuable suggestions to NSBA. Meanwhile,NSBA also attracted CCTV, Zhejiang TV, Zhejiang Daily, and many other medias to report.


The main venue is extremely lively and the venue is equally exciting .NSBA COO Mr.SHI was presenting a speech on the theme of "the link within intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics--AGVs".From the aspects of intelligent manufacturing,flexible and intelligent logistics warehousing technology, and assisting domestic logistics warehousing technology, the author briefly analyzed the promotion role of intelligent robots in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics technology.


With the rapid developmentof intelligent manufacturing ,we’re facing industry talent shortage.The5th China Robotop and Intelligent Economic Talents Summit Focuses on Talents .ItLaunched the "Intelligent Manufacturing Talent Docking" Forum.NSBAwas invited to participate in the forum.Assistant of general manager Mrs. Zhang came to the stage and made a presentation about NSBA. It made engineersmore optimistic about the development of NSBA and attracted a group ofengineers to come and communicate with the company's recruiters for further exchange and submit their resumes in the afternoon.This was an affirmation of the company.


Participating in the China Robotics Summit is both an affirmation and a spur to NSBA.The company will keep up rapid development, concentrate on R&D, make break on key technical points, and introduce new technologies to China Market.The company will provide customers with more types of products and constant good service. We hope NSBA will play an important role in China's intelligent manufacturing industry.