Cherry Blossom Tour Spring Tour on Dalan Mountain

The most charming month on the earth: April

Theres no reason that we let it slip away

The company organized the staff to participate ina theme activity "Cherry Blossom Tour ", DalanMountain Spring Tour last week

The whole journey is about17KM long.



Early morning, on 14thApril

We were fully set up, and ready to go


Activity began

Led by our general manager Gavin,

all people started off in high spirits.

 003.jpg 005.jpg

However,Heaven is not cooperative..

The light rain never stopped.

Or maybe it was a test to us.

But wewere still motivated

And going forward



After several hours of struggling,

All staff of our companyarrivedthe destination smoothly

within the limited time

Check the medal in the picture

In the end,

weconquested17km journey




Beautiful sights during the tour



Looking forward to the next activity~~